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MP Vendor Rental Agreement and Information


  • No pornographic or lewd material.  Erotic adult material is forbidden.
    • Skin / fashion vendors may cover the naughty bits using stars or blurs (female tits and groin area)
  • Vendors must be within specified prim limits. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in your objects being returned.
  • All prims must be within the confines of your rented space.  Any prims found outside that space will be returned or deleted.
  • All vendors should be comprised of mostly scifi items or gadgets.  As long as the majority of your products fit the criteria, you're good to go. 
    • We do allow exceptions, and we are willing to discuss it with you.  This rule is more of a guideline than actual law.
    • We will consult with you about items on your vendor before any action is taken against you.  If we find that your items are not properly themed, we may offer you a full refund of the unused rental time.
  • Please keep lag to a minimum.  High lag vendors may be removed.
    • Hover-text must be either turned off or set to an auto-hide function.
    • Fancy texture rotations and scrolling images can cause lots of lag and distract visitors.  These effects are to be extremely minimal, if any.
  • Be courteous to your neighbors and don't invade their space.   Vendors that cover up or otherwise disturb neighboring vendors will be removed.
  • Appearance of vendors must be appealing and aesthetically tasteful.
    • Bright, conflicting color tones can cause people to look away from your vendor and disturb mall customers.
    • Disproportionate textures also can cause grievance to customers and visitors in the mall.  Please make sure textures are not stretched on the prim badly and that the resolution is good.
    • Vendors which cause disturbance to neighboring tenants through excessive hover-text, items invading a neighboring space or protruding from your area, etc may be subject to removal with or without refund or warning.
  • Discriminatory(racist, sexist, anti-semitic, etc) materials will be removed without warning or refund.
  • If your vendor ever gets the violation sign treatment, and you have fixed all of your known violations you may type "violation fixed" on channel 500, minus the quotes.  Abuse of this code will be logged and noted for all future references.  This code is subject to change at any time!
  • Absolutely no sensors, detectors, listeners, or any other sort of detection/spy devices are allowed on the grounds.
  • Vendor spaces are not to be used for servers or magic boxes.  There are server rentals for them.


Once you've rented a space, make sure to contact Chase Quinnell to be added to the group.  You'll need to be in the group to place your vendor.

Make sure you are in the  "TerraCo Market Land" group.  Otherwise, you will be unable to place anything in our store.


  • Increased/Decreased Prims
    • If you need an increased or decreased prim alotment, you may request prims for your rental space.  An increased fee will be applied depending on the amount of prims you need.  Minimum Rental Size15 prims 
  • More Vendor Space
    • If you need a little extra room, you may purchase an adjacent rental booth for additional space, if one is available.
    • You may combine two adjacent vendor spots for increased prims and increased space.  
  • Better Location
    • Is your vendor stuck in the corner?  Want a new location?  You may be able to get that premium position you've been keeping your eye on.   This will cost you a fee based on the availability and the value of the spot you've chosen.  You will also be required to compensate for the new location's rental fees.  Your weekly rent will adjust according to the new location's existing rent.


You may use your own vendors and equipment, as long as they have a good asthetic appeal and do not break any aforementioned terms.


Chase Quinnell - TerraCo Designs CEO