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Currently available!

Server and Magic Box spaces are available for rent at 20L$/week.  These spaces allow for 4 prims and are housed on the second floor.


  • Only servers or magic boxes are allowed in these spaces.  Nothing else is permissible.
  • Servers must be within specified prim limits. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in your objects being returned.
  • All prims must be within the confines of your rented space.  Any prims found outside that space will be returned or deleted.
  • Please keep lag to a minimum.  High lag servers may be removed.
    • Hover-text must be turned off
  • Your servers must remain within your space.  They may not be hosted anywhere else within the store.  No exceptions.
  • Discriminatory(racist, sexist, anti-semitic, etc) materials will be removed without warning or refund.
  • Absolutely no sensors, detectors, listeners, or any other sort of detection/spy devices are allowed on the grounds.


Once you've rented a space, make sure to contact Chase Quinnell to be added to the group.  You'll need to be in the group to place your server.

Make sure you are in the  "TerraCo Market Land" group.  Otherwise, you will be unable to place anything in our store.


  • Increased Prims
    • If you need an increased prim alotment, you may request prims for your rental space.  An increased fee will be applied depending on the amount of prims you need.
  • More Space
    • If you need a little extra room, you may purchase an adjacent rental booth for additional space, if one is available.


Chase Quinnell - TerraCo Designs CEO