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  • No pornographic or lewd material.  Erotic adult material is forbidden.
  • Vendors must be within specified prim limits. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in your objects being returned.
  • All prims must be within the confines of your rented space.  Any prims found outside that space will be returned or deleted.
  • All vendors should be comprised of mostly scifi items or gadgets.  As long as the majority of your products fit the criteria, you're good to go. 
    • We do allow exceptions, and we are willing to discuss it with you.  This rule is more of a guideline than actual law.
    • We will consult with you about items on your vendor before any action is taken against you.  If we find that your items are not properly themed, we may offer you a full refund of the unused rental time.
  • Please keep lag to a minimum.  High lag vendors may be removed.
    • Hover-text must be either turned off or set to an auto-hide function.
  • Be courteous to your neighbors and don't invade their space.   Vendors that cover up or otherwise disturb neighboring vendors will be removed.
  • Appearance of vendors must be appealing and aesthetically tasteful.
    • Bright, conflicting color tones can cause people to look away from your vendor and disturb mall customers.
    • Disproportionate textures also can cause grievance to customers and visitors in the mall.  Please make sure textures are not stretched on the prim badly and that the resolution is good.
    • Vendors which cause disturbance to neighboring tenants through excessive hover-text, items invading a neighboring space or protruding from your area, etc may be subject to removal with or without refund or warning.
  • Discriminatory(racist, sexist, anti-semitic, etc) materials will be removed without warning or refund.
  • Absolutely no sensors, detectors, listeners, or any other sort of detection/spy devices are allowed on the grounds.


If you are interested in obtaining an advertisement contract with TerraCo and STI Marketplace, please contact Chase Quinnell .  Please give the following information
  • Business/Service/Event
  • Prims required
  • Any textures, notecards, billboards, or other form of advertisement unit you may have (must be atleast mod/copy)
  • Type of service/biz/event (any pertinent information you have regarding your service)

  • Generic Marketplace Package
    • signs, billboards, etc are placed around the Marketplace.
  • Silver Marketplace Package
    • signs, billboards, etc are placed around the Marketplace.
    • Targeted placement in relatively well-traveled zones
  • Golden Affiliate Package
    • signs, billboards, etc are placed around the Marketplace
    • Targeted placement in relatively well-traveled zones
    • Placement of signs, billboards, etc in various outlying malls and booths (special events/conventions, various outlying shops run by TerraCo and Star Tech Industries, etc)


Chase Quinnell - TerraCo Designs CEO